KVS Textiles involves in the production of high-quality grey fabrics including 100 % Cotton fabrics, 100% Organic Cotton, BCI Cotton Grey Fabrics, Canvas fabrics, Dropcloth, Filament fabrics, Blended fabrics, Dyed Woven Fabrics. Our cotton textiles and cotton blend fabrics are manufactured in a perfect mix of ranges from light to heavy, narrow to wider width fabrics in cotton plain, cotton drill, linen, cotton satin, dobby, jacquard, yarn-dyed, cotton lycra, cotton cambric, Panama and cotton twill. Supported by a large spinning facility, we have the ability to produce a variety of finest woven fabrics. Our facility of producing plain weaves on Power loom or Sulzer Automatic Looms and dobby weaves on wider width Air Jet looms with 4-colour weft insertion.

All our fabrics are produced using the best quality yarns tested for its tensile strength, yarn count, hairiness and more. Once the fabrics are woven, each lot are tested in the laboratories that are geared up with the latest testing equipment to conduct all key fabric quality parameters. Managed by skilled textile technologists, the right quality is maintained throughout production processes. We provide the options of delivering end product in pallet, roll and bale packing as may be required by the clients depending on their end-use.

We, KVS Textiles are one of the leading exporters of High-quality Grey fabrics, printed and yarn-dyed fabrics operating from India. The Company has a synonymous name for offering high textile fabrics of international standard at reasonable rates.

We can custom make any type of material in the colors, designs, and size as per the specification mentioned by the clients. Since inception, it has always been our endeavor to work closely with our buyers and develop friendly relations that assure them for best quality products, timely shipment, and competitive prices.


It’s a phenomenal thing to give life to fabric, to make something move well, the harmony of color.

Cotton Fabric:

Cotton is a natural fiber made from the seedpod of the cotton plant and is used to make many fabric types at every price point. Stronger when wet cotton fiber absorbs and releases perspiration quickly, thus allowing the fabric to “breathe”. Recognized as one of the world’s most popular fabrics. KVS textiles carry 35+ varieties of a high range of plain color 100% cotton fabric.

Flax/Linen Fabric:

Linen Fabric is made up of a fiber grown from the flax plant. Its specialty is strong, long life & interactive with moisture. Linen valued for its exceptional coolness and freshness in hot and humid climate. We provide the topmost excellent quality linen fabric in the textile sector with the promised time frame.


Weaves can make textiles heavier, stronger, smoother, or given them a lustrous appearance.

Dobby Weave:

Dobby is a woven produced on the dobby loom, distinguished by small geometric patterns that add extra texture in the cloth. Satin threads are particularly effective in this kind of weave as their texture will high spot the pattern. Our premium collection of dobby fabric is perfect for manufacturing shirts, summer wear, and skirts with Strong team and Skilled expertise KVS textiles can export high-quality dobby fabric with a promised timely delivery.

Jacquard Weave:

Jacquard is a raised pattern that is woven directly onto the fabric. Popular jacquard designs include damasks, florals, and geometrics. This textured fabric has varying drape-ability and durability depending on the fibers used. Jacquard is highly acknowledged for its superior quality. We are involved in offering a wide assortment of jacquard fabric worldwide on-time delivery.

Drill Weave:

A drill weave is stout durable cotton fabric with a strong bias in the weave. The fabric breathes well and keeps the wearer cool. It is available in medium to light-weight. KVS textiles carry a high range of plain color high-quality drill weave fabric.

Plain Weave:

Plain weave is the most basic textile weaves. In plain weave, the warp thread and weft thread cross at right angles so they form a simple crisscross pattern. Plain weave fabrics are strong and hard-wearing best suited for clothing and household furnishings.

Oxford Weave:

The Oxford weave one of the oldest styles of weaving. It does not fade and shrink easily as it has shrink-resistant properties. It is a variation of the Basketweave and uses a colored weft and a white warp. At KVS Textiles, our refined collection of Oxford weave Fabrics is perfect for shirts and bags.

Twill Weave:

Twill is a type of textile weave with a pattern of oblique parallel ribs in variance with a satin and plain weave. This is done by passing the yarn thread over one or more yarn threads then under two or more warp threads to create the characteristic diagonal pattern. This strong, versatile beauty is best used for dresses, professional attire, and hats.