KVS Textiles is an ever-growing export company based in the Famous Cotton City of India, with all the facilities like spinning, weaving and stitching units working at a full stretch to meet the customer’s demands. The company has the right potential to provide all kinds of grey, bleached, dyed and printed Fabrics, Shopping Cloth Bags, Kitchen Textiles, Bed linens, Bath linens and other Home textiles including Organic Cotton products subject to the demand by the customers. We are passionate about excellence. Our comprehensive quality control procedure has helped us in achieving a higher degree of customer satisfaction and attains a reputed designation among them.

The company has acquired an unrivaled position in the market on the grounds of quality, variety and cozy style. All the products offered by us conform to the highest quality standards and are manufactured using superior quality materials. Our products are ethically produced with care taken for the environment.

The triumph need of our industry is the clients’ respect for Quality, Price and flawless delivery of goods. Our business transactions are transparent and hassle-free satisfying the customers. We work with several Promotional Companies, Mail-Order Houses, Department Stores, Discount Retailers and Importers from around the world.

Textiles are all around us. We wear them, use them when we sleep and decorate our homes with them

At KVS Textiles Qualitative Production remains the Key Impel Area. We supply premium finished Fabrics, Cloth Bags,

Kitchen Textile, Bed Linen, Bath Linen


KVS Textiles can offer range of yarns in 100% Cotton for Knitting, Weaving and Open End Yarns in diverse counts from 6s to 80s. The yarn that produced is tested for various qualities and features like the yarn count test, Evenness for the perfect texture of cloth, Twist for its strength, CSP and more. The test is assured once the quality of the yarn is perfect then it’s passed on to the production.


Our processing partners has equipment for continuous bleaching, mercerizing and to facilitate Various types of finishes as well as fabric dyeing using pigment, reactive & vat dyeing technology. Depending on the requirement and application, dying is being done either in Yarn or finished Fabrics.


Our weaving department is equipped with around 250 Air jet, Rapier, Sulzer and Power loom for weaving premium quality fabrics with higher widths up to 345cms ranging in weaves from Plain, Twill, Drill, Satin, Satin Stripes, Dobby, Oxford, Jacquard. Etc.,


KVS Textiles is fully provided with Stormac RD-6 gold make, 12 color Rotary Printing Machine with printable width up to 72’’ for high precision printing for an exact print we use Smart LEX 7043 (Laser Exposure technology) and Table, Screen printing machines to fulfill all high-quality printing requirements on Fabric, Bedlinens and Finished products.


KVS Textiles has a set up equipped with around 300 sewing machines with the capacity to stitch about 1000 sheet sets, 2000 blankets, 5000 pcs table cloth and 30,000 pcs of Napkins. The sewing machines include single needle, double-needle, overlock, flatlock and Zigzag machines to cater to the customer’s stitching and finishing requirements.

Testing and Quality Control:

We maintain comprehensive quality control at each and every stage of production right from yarn stage to the final finished products.  We pride ourselves for various QC techniques employed that ensures that the product manufactured through our facilities adhere to the standards required by various organizations.